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How To Order Medical Marijuana

We strongly support the closing of any illegal or shady “pot shops”. And we are here to serve the community, not denigrate it. Please be safe, consume responsibly and support the organizations and elected officials who continue to fight for your rights.

Home Delivery Is Super Easy:

Click HERE to complete our online registration. Remember to upload a copy of your doctor’s medical marijuana recommendation and photo ID. We will email you when you have been accepted into our collective.
A patient using any marijuana delivery service is strongly advised to have a state-issued DHS card for maximum protection under the law. The ordering process is very simple.

We offer home deliveries as well as in-store pickup.
Once you have been registered with our collective browse our wide variety of products. Then simply add them to your online shopping cart. Once you have made your selections you can either checkout online or call us with your order.

When ordering flower there are weight measurements that all dispensaries abided by. It can be a little confusing at first so it's recommended that you call or visit our stores so one of our team members can better assist you. And of course we are always here to answer any questions you may have.

Still Need A Doctor's Recommendation?

No worries. Now you are able to see a cannabis doctor online without leaving your home. 
Visit HelloMD and get your doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana online.
It's fully legal, 100% online and secure. Plus your can be approved in 20 mins.
You can have your medicine delivered, why not have your doctor delivered?

HelloMD is personal, private, and confidential

Get Your MJ Rec Online

Note: This example website design created by Mary Janez Brand to show how a verification page may look, this is only a mock design. We do not sell any cannabis or products. We only provide creative media services to cannabis related businesses that will help to brand their identity and create marketing materials. If this was a live working dispensary or collective website you would be directed to fill out the following form. This site is only an example of how your new business website might appear. And we have no affiliation with HelloMD. 

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