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    Wax is created by whipping hash oil during the purging process. It is sometimes referred to as earwax, due to its similar consistency. Wax is easier to handle than oil, and the % of THC between the two are similar.

    You may hear the term 'dabbing' while in Colorado. Dabbing is a technique for consuming concentrates.

    You place a 'dab' of concentrate onto a heated surface, which in turns vaporizes the concentrate which is then inhaled. Think of it as a sophisticated way of hot knifing. Be warned, dabbing can get you to level 10 baked, and it is easy to over consume, so best left to the experienced users.

    During your next visit to a marijuana store, ask the budtender about the different types of concentrates available to you.

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While we support the legalization of cannabis, we do not carry or sell any type of cannabis products.

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